Facebook LIVE SESSION Adrian & Joyce

2020 was supposed to be great right! (At least that was what we thought, then the pandemic happened)

Then recently, we celebrated new year to welcome 2021, we were hopeful! And say, 2021 is only gonna be better!!

But on the 12th Day, MCO 2.0 is a announced and now we are stuck at home….
Many felt challenge. Especially business that requires physical meet up.

Can we survive 2021?

What Strategies and Mindsets do we need?

Let’s hear it from @Joyce Yeoh who didn’t just survived 2020, but exceled in her career in 2020 with over RM20mil Sales (within half a year)

What’s the strategy and mindset that she has in order to achieve her success in 2020?

Join us in the discussion tonight:

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